October 9, 2010

TV Legends who were Methodists

This is a list of notable TV actors who were Methodists:

Rue McClanahan - Famed actress of Maude and The Golden Girls she was raised by Methodist parents in Oklahoma and throughout her life she identified herself as a Methodist based on her religious upbringing. She once said, "There are three things I love; animals, my Golden Girls, and being a Methodist".

Fred Gwynne - Best remembered for his role as Herman on The Munsters he was was affliated with the Methodist church from a young age and when he died he was laid to rest in a Methodist cemetery which is known as the Sandymount United Methodist Church graveyard in Finksburg, Maryland.

James Arness - Star of Gunsmoke he, and his brother the late Peter Graves, were raised in the Methodist church by German parents.

Pat Buttram - He starred as Mr. Hanney on Green Acres. His father was a Methodist minister and therefore Buttram was raised and became a lifelong member of the Methodist church. He is even interred at the cemetery located next to the Maxwell Chapel United Methodist Church.

Hollywood Legends who were Methodists

This is a list of famous Hollywood actors who were Methodists; they include the following:

William Holden - His father was a Methodist and Holden was raised in the Methodist church based on that. Although some sources claim that he was a Congregationalist, based on the fact that when Holden married his wife, Gloria, in a Congregationalist church, he identified himself as a Methodist throughout his life.

Robert Mitchum - He was born and raised into a Methodist family.

Christopher Walken - Originally raised as a Roman Catholic from Brooklyn, New York he know identifies himself as a "former Catholic current Methodist".

Howard Keel - Musical star of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers he was brought up by Methodist parents and went forth in the religion for the rest of his life.

Peter Graves - Little brother of actor James Arness (Gunsmoke) he was raised in a family of German Methodists.

Donna Reed - Born in Iowa she was raised by Methodist parents.

Tallulah Bankhead - Legendary star of stage and radio, who only made a few film apperances in her lifetime, she was raised in an affluent Alabama family whose religion was strongly practiced and observed by her devout Methodist father William Brockman Bankhead who was a speaker in the House of Representatives.